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Faux Marbletop Coffeetable Ikea-Hack

Faux Marbletop Coffeetable Ikea-Hack

DIY: Ikea-Hack Faux Marbletop Coffeetable

Three years ago, when first going about furnishing my first real apartment, this IKEA LACK table was one of the only non-thriftstore/non-hand-me-down, truly new purchases. It has certainly served me well, acting as both coffee table and dining table, art table, DIY surface, step stool and sometimes even extra seating.

Unfortunately, as much as I LOVE Ikea products, some start to show their battle scars fairly quickly. So, I decided it was time for an upgrade...to faux marble! 

DIY: Ikea-Hack Faux Marbletop Coffeetable


First, I found this gorgeous faux marble vinyl contact paper in a 17" roll for $10.99! Two days later, I was fitting it to my table. This material is AWESOME. I was super worried about sticking it to the table and then not being able to make adjustments and then terribly ruining everything. BUT, the vinyl is really durable and easy to lift and adjust to make sure it's placed right where you want it.

Measuring the table I realized that at 21.5", my 17" roll wasn't going to successfully cover this thing in one sweep. So, unfortunately I have a carefully disguised seam across the top. :( However, since it's been in use, I really don't notice it at all! So I measured out the two pieces it would take to cover the entire top and edges of my table with a waterfall edge, wrapping around all four sides. 

(Cut list coming soon!)


Fitting the corners of the long roll proved to be the trickiest part, so I figured out that wrapping it sort of like wrapping a present was going to work the best and give me the cleanest lines. I made one cut in the paper from the edge, just to the top of the table, giving myself two flaps to work with.


I do a lot of presentation board mounting for my day job in advertising, so I've gotten pretty good at eyeballing, but if it makes you too nervous, go ahead and mark up your table with where to place the vinyl once you've removed the paper to reveal the sticky side. I started from one short side, (leaving the overhang for the long side sticking out over the edge for now). Then sticking the short edge of my vinyl to the short side edge of my table, then slowly and carefully folding up and over the corner, all the way across the tabletop and down to the other side. Repeat, until the whole table is covered!


I was able to smooth along the way as I laid the sticky side down, but you're most likely still left with some air bubbles (not pictured: the 20 minutes I spent trying to smooth out one rogue bubble). I find that using a credit card works just fine and this material is so durable, you really don't have to worry about scratching it!


Now back to the corners: I left the over hang for the long sides still hanging out there so as I smoothed any lingering bubbles, the air had somewhere to exit. Then I just folded the long sides down around the long sides of the table and simply folded the longer side flap over the short side flap for a clean, waterfall edge! Done and done!


DIY: Ikea-Hack Faux Marbletop Coffeetable

And then the fun part! I styled mine for now with a few design books, my barely living Xerographica air plant (I'm sorry I killed you!!!) and a tray of candles and slate coasters. Like I said at the beginning, this is a very well used table so the styling will change daily, but that is the fun part right?

Have you done something cool to refinish this same table? I'd love to see it!

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