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Simple Air Plant Hanger

Simple Air Plant Hanger

Air plant hanger

This is my second Xerographica air plant and I am DETERMINED to keep this one alive!

Whole Foods Market has these beautiful Xerographica plants for a really decent price for their size. This one is about 16" in diameter! They require very little work to keep them healthy (yet I still managed to kill my first one...still working on my green thumb).

I decided to make a happy little home for this one in an empty corner of my living room. They recommend spritzing the roots and air around the Xerographica with water about once a week.

So far, it has thrived in it's new home and the future is looking slightly brighter for my green thumb. 

DIY Plant Hanger


String the twine through the three straws creating a triangle.


Tie off the twine to complete the triangle.


Measure out three more pieces of twine of equal length. Attach each piece of twine to each corner of the straw triangle.


Meet the other ends of each of the three strands of twine together and create a loop before tying in a knot. Hang your new planter from the screw hook you've secured in the ceiling. Place your air plant on your new hanger and take care to arrange it's leaves over the straws. It will live happily in its new air filled hanger! 

DIY Air Plant Hanger

I hope this one lasts for many years and grows too big for this hanger, but for now it seems happy and healthy!

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