Welcome to my digital corner of the world where I document the projects and products sourced for myself and for my clients. I want to provide the exact steps for how to make - and what and where to buy the right tools and materials for DIY (Designing It Yourself).

Everything you find here has been carefully researched and selected because of its efficiency, sustainability and design sensibility. It’s empowering when you can make something yourself that’s just the way you want it AND know that it is often less expensive and creates much less waste along the way!



Read through the articles here to find inspiration for your next project or for one you already have in mind.

Here you’ll find:

  • Design inspo

  • Delightful finds

  • DIY projects

  • Shopping guides

  • Product reviews

  • Step by step How To’s



Each post is full of links for exactly the right tools and materials to complete each idea on your own.

You may even get discounts by following my links or using my referral codes!

You also help fund the research I do for these projects by the earnings I may make off of the use of these codes and affiliate links. Thanks in advance!



You’ve got everything you need to start designing it yourself! I’ve done all the hard part for you of sourcing the best materials and tools and setting up logistics like printing and binding details.

Use the printable templates and downloads for convenience and ease.

Put your own spin on it to make it exactly the way you envisioned!



Hi! I'm Brianna,

…a Creative Director and Designer living and working creatively in the Greater New York City area. I specialize in Branding and Strategy, Packaging Design and Content Creation for social media. My day job and my hobbies are constantly overlapping, art imitating life and vice versa.

As a creative person I look for inspiration everywhere and love to share my designs with other makers. Over the last few years, as I’ve made my tiny apartment a home and grown in my career, I’ve been so inspired by the DIY world. My canvas drop cloth is splattered with remnants of projects (successful and failed) and literally supports my creative endeavors.

Being able to create practical, beautiful things, while up-cycling something I might once have thrown away, gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment I want to share with you. Here I will share posts on design, doing-it-yourself and things that delight me and bring joy to a creative life!

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Shameless plug: My professional portfolio is viewable at bdemm.com !

P.S. These portraits were taken by the gloriously talented @DaphneeMarie


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